Our Wish

We want our graduates
to become thriving professionals,
Able to transcend the challenges of
our rapidly changing times.

The transformation of marketplaces, industries, and society, brought about by the accelerating "Fourth Industrial Revolution" and "AI Revolution,"
Are fundamentally reshaping the skills demanded of individuals.
Consequently, even those who excelled in traditional "standardized education" will find themselves facing stiff competition from AI in their careers.
In the midst of this transformative storm, "universities" that solely impart "knowledge" and award "bachelor's" degrees
Will face an existential threat.

On the other hand, "vocational schools", capable of providing robust skills in specific fields,
are likely to garner increased attention in the coming era.
However, to genuinely succeed in your career,
you will need both "Expert Skills" in your chosen field and the "Five Professional Competencies".

With the goal of nurturing such individuals, The Akademeia 21st Century established the "Institute for Five Stars Professional" (IFIS) in April 2023,
located on the shores of Lake Kawaguchiko near Mount Fuji.
This institute is committed to developing and promoting various curricula to help students gain the "Five Professional Competencies."

What we desire for our graduates isn't simply to "secure employment" with their preferred companies or industries.
It's about evolving into professionals who "excel" within those organizations,
and through this journey, we hope that each graduate can pave the way for their ideal life.
With these ambitions, we've chosen the path of evolution for "The Akademeia 21st Century."
Our goal is to create a "new place of learning that transcends universities and vocational schools."

The ideas behind our logo

The Akademeia 21st Century
The Akademeia 21st Century
See those stairs before you
When you ascend them
With hopes for growth
in your heart
You will find at the summit,
a golden door
A door that opens to the future
Embrace your dreams,
embrace your aspirations
For as you open that door
A new life begins

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