Five Stars Professional Lecture
by the President Himself
Five StarsProfessional Lectureby the President Himself


 5. Five Stars Professional Lecture by the President Himself:
To excel in society, it is essential to acquire the Five Professional Competencies.
Having coached many top professionals for many years, I, the president,
will personally conduct unique Professional Lectures that are available to all 5,000
students in any college year at the Akademeia 21st Century.


Five Stars Professional is a title proposed by the Akademeia 21st Century for
individuals who will excel in the coming era. It is a special designation conferred upon
graduates who have mastered the Five Stars Professional Competencies and is a
unique qualification given only to students who have completed the special curricular
activity called Fuji Five Lakes Summit offered by the Institute for Five Stars Professional,
headquartered at Fuji Five Lakes Akademeia. Recipients are awarded a special badge
and completion certificate to prove that they have earned the title.
Five Professional Competencies
Taught at the Akademeia
Five Professional Competencies Taught at the Akademeia
  • 01 Creative Communication Competency

    The ability to gain collective wisdom and
    generate creative ideas with peers.

  • 02 Cross-Industry Collaboration Competency

    The ability to collaborate with professionals from different industries.

  • 03 Improvisational Project Competency

    The ability to manage projects in a versatile way,
    adapting to any situational changes.

  • 04 Strategic Innovation Competency

    The ability to foster the growth of new businesses
    with flexible strategic thinking.

  • 05 Intercultural Globalist Competency

    The ability to understand foreign cultures and
    collaborate with international peers.

Five Interpersonal Competencies
Taught at the Akademeia
Five Interpersonal Competencies Taught at the Akademeia
  • 01 Direct Communication Competency

    The ability to communicate while directly
    addressing the other person's feelings.

  • 02 Non-Verbal Communication Competency

    The ability to listen to the "unspoken voice" of others.

  • 03 Challenge Acceptance Competency

    The ability to "accept" difficult problems as
    challenges for personal growth.

  • 04 Conciliation Action Competency

    The ability to open up and "reconcile"
    with disconnected individuals.

  • 05 Ego-Management Competency

    The ability to perceive the manifestations
    of the "subtle ego" within oneself.

After receiving a doctorate from the University of Tokyo, President Hiroshi Tasaka worked at the world's largest think tank before returning to Japan to establish the Japan Research Institute. He has been involved in developing various new businesses and served as a strategic advisor to the top management of three major corporations. Additionally, he served as a Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on policies, and a specialist committee member for the World Economic Forum (Davos Conference). Besides his contributions on the international stage, he also holds discourses for eight thousands of executives, successfully coaching numerous professionals. President Tasaka has also authored more than a hundred books, imparts his professional insights to ten thousand students.

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