Fuji Five Lakes Summit 21 Days of Practical Experience

The First Fuji Five Lakes Summit:
Schedule for all 21 days

Remote Meetings


Kickoff Orientation

Online discussions within the teams for mid-term presentation of business plans.


Mid-term Business Plan

Online mid-term presentations to prepare for final presentation.

Venue (Fuji Five Lakes Akademeia)
All participants
from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya,
and Fukuoka congregate at
Fuji Five Lakes Academy


Art Business Lab

  • Orientation
  • Team fieldwork
  • Business plan discussions
  • Preparation for next day's
    team presentations.

Art Business Lab

  • Submission of presentation materials
  • Presentation of business plans
  • Awards ceremony (Grand Prize & Excellence Awards)

Reflection Lab

  • Individual work on team reflections
  • Sharing of reflections within the teams
  • Presentation of team reflection
    and feedback
  • Private reflections done individually
  • Ongoing reflection even after returning to the hotel

Venue (Kawaguchiko Circular Hall)


Reflection Lab

  • Sharing of private reflections within each team
  • Presentation of private reflections by each participant
  • President's closing remarks
  • Completion certificate and Five Stars Professional badge conferment ceremony
  • President's book award ceremony
  • Video screening of memorable moments from the 21 days

All agendas completed;
all participants return to
their respective areas.

During the 1st Fuji Five Lakes Summit,
throughout the entire 21-days event,
all participants practiced two forms of reflection,
Team Reflection and Private Reflection,
mastering the concept of continually honing their
Five Professional Competencies and
Five Interpersonal Competencies.

President Message

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Seven Steps Curriculum

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