Crossover Friday


3. Crossover Friday:
The Akademeia 21st Century refers to individuals whose expertise is not limited to a single field,
allowing them to seamlessly collaborate with experts from other fields, as Crossover Experts.
Every Friday, the unique curriculum Crossover Friday is offered to develop this ability.

The Akademeia 21st Centuryʼs
Unique Curriculum

The Akademeia 21st Century's unique Crossover Friday Curriculum
is made possible by the presence of
Core Akademeia in 4 major regions and 18 academies across Japan!

Every Friday, all students of the Akademeia 21st Century can take advantage of Crossover Friday
to attend any course lecture they want, even if it is not within their department's curriculum.

  • Designer

    The power of design which will clear a path through to a new era

    Graphic Design/Illustration/Comic Illustration/
    Video Design/Fashion Design/Manga & Anime/Product Design/Interior Design/Architectural Design/Figure Design/eSports & Games

  • Visual Arts

    The power to appeal to the five senses, which will bring new culture into being

    MV, CG, and Video Editing/Television Broadcasting & Film/Concert & Stage Staff/Recording Engineer/Sound Creator/Musician/Voice Actor/Actor & Entertainer/Dance/Photography & Design/
    Mass Media Publishing & Entertainment/SFX Makeup

  • Business

    Cutting-edge business skills which will open your life

    Business Design/Management & General Business/AI Systems/
    IT Business/Office Business/Pet Business/Animal Nursing/
    Flower Business/Sports Business/Fashion Business/
    Beauty Business/Mass Media & Public Relations

  • Hospitality

    Hospitality that will create new value

    Hotel/Railway Services/Airline/Travel/Bridal/Beauty/
    English & Chinese/Korean/Tourism Business/
    Food Creation/Funeral Director/Digital Communication

What field of study beyond your specialization piques your interest?Which subject will you choose to learn?

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