Crossover Summit


6. Crossover Summit:
The Akademeia 21st Century hosts the Crossover Summit, where
students from all of our academies gather to cooperate with students in different courses
to create collaborative works and run collaborative events. Teams and individuals
who achieve excellence throughout the year, including during this summit, will get to
participate in the Fuji Five Lakes Summit, the pinnacle of the learning experience at
the Akademeia 21st Century.

From the Crossover Summit to the pinnacle of learning,
the Fuji Five Lakes Summit

The Crossover Summit is the ultimate curricular activity which brings students
together from all courses, departments, and academies at each Core Akademeia
campus -Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka- to collaborate on projects and
events. Through this activity, students cultivate and refine the Five Professional
Competencies and Five Interpersonal Competencies. Throughout the year, teams
and individuals recognized for their excellence, including during the Crossover
Summit, are selected by the Akademeia headquarters to compete at the pinnacle of
learning, the Fuji Five Lakes Summit, where they vie for the greatest honors.


Tokyo Akademeia
Crossover Summit

  • Tokyo Designer Academy
  • Tokyo Visual Arts Academy
  • Tokyo BusinessAcademy
  • Tokyo Hospitality Academy
  • Tokyo Cool Japan Academy
  • Tokyo Language Academy
  • Nagoya Designer Academy
  • Nagoya Visual Arts Academy
  • Nagoya Business Academy
  • Nagoya Hospitality Academy


Nagoya Akademeia
Crossover Summit

  • Osaka Designer Academy
  • Osaka Visual Arts Academy
  • Osaka Business Academy
  • Osaka Hospitality Academy


Osaka Akademeia
Crossover Summit

  • Fukuoka Designer Academy
  • Fukuoka Visual Arts Academy
  • Fukuoka Business Academy
  • Fukuoka Hospitality Academy


Fukuoka Akademeia
Crossover Summit

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